“The purpose of the Association is to promote transport systems in Europe that correspond to users’ choices, that are subject to free, undistorted competition and which do not receive any public money except that within justified limits, which contribute to the economic prosperity of the Union and ensure a high quality of life for its population”

Ari Vatanen



Mobility for Prosperity in Europe is currently composed of 16 members representing a broad range of organisations with interests and areas of knowledge in the transport sector:

Vehicle and parts manufacturers
Transport service operators
Infrastructure builders, suppliers and operators
Energy Providers

MPE Board

Elected for a two-year term and representing members, the current MPE board is running under the mandate 2021-2022:


Ari Vatanen

MPE President

Christophe Nicodème

Christophe Nicodème

MPE Executive Chairperson

Fabienne Goyeneche


Nilufar Lebasi


A fair transport system should promote
competition between transport modes
offering customers freedom of choice.