Mobility For Prosperity in Europe is a non-profit association founded in 2005 by former Member of the European Parliament and rally champion Ari Vatanen. MPE gathers stakeholders with main interest in road transport such as European associations and large companies which make extensive use of this mode during their operations.

An efficient transport policy should therefore:

  1. Put citizens’ needs at the forefront.
  2. Be part of a holistic approach.
  3. Be based on relevant facts and thorough analysis.
  4. Develop effective multimodality rather than forced unsuitable modal shift.
  5. Foster investment into transport infrastructure, the basis for future welfare.
  6. Encourage intelligent innovation, making transport smarter, more efficient, and sustainable.
  7. Enhance the benefits of transport rather than increase the burden on users.
  8. Focus on meeting the demand for mobility.
  9. Ensure competitiveness and efficient use of public funding.
million jobs in transport in Europe
of European GDP in transport
of freight transport by road
of passengers by road

MPE's main mission focuses on the achievement
of a Single European Transport Area